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About Us

Suchandra Technologies Is entitled to be a novel Green & Clean Tech Company, Registered under MCA & recognized by Both the Central Govt. of India and State Govt. of Karnataka. The company also has The Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) Certification.

Our Blossoming Experience @ Suchandra 

5Founder Siddharoodha Angadi.jpg


Founder - Director


Suchandra, a college with no courses...

Trusting your career path can be challenging, whether you're in your first job, stuck in one you haven't liked in months, or Starting something of your own. All the challenges in each field have their significance but the struggle remains the same. People who started from scratch and now hold their title and the work that goes with it, like a real badge of honor, smart work is most important in all aspects. We all start somewhere whether a salesperson or a struggling startup but the journey of all the realities, Incidence, and beings teach you to not only trust your career path but pursue each step with passion and drive. Overall my experience at suchandra acts as a Real-Life, Practical education center where there are no predefined courses, but every day comes with a new experiment...


Suchandra Technologies: Driving Innovation and Excellence..

As COO of Suchandra Technologies, I've witnessed the company's commitment to excellence. The organization prioritizes employee growth and delivers quality products and services to clients. The work environment is positive and fosters collaboration, and management encourages learning and development.

Suchandra Technologies invests in cutting-edge technology to provide innovative solutions to clients. The company's focus on employee satisfaction and quality is evident, and I'm proud to be a part of the team. I'm confident the company will continue to grow and thrive in the future.




Start: Nov-2022



Riten Babbar


Start: Apr - 2022

End: Apr - 2023

I bring a fresh and creative approach to my projects. At Suchandra Technologies, I enjoy working in a positive and supportive environment. I specialize in creating beautiful designs for logos, brochures, and websites with efficiency. My commitment to excellence and continuous learning from Suchandra Technologies helps me contribute to the positive atmosphere at Suchandra Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


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