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About Us

Suchandra Technologies Is entitled to be a novel Green & Clean Tech Company, Registered under MCA & recognized by Both the Central Govt. of India and State Govt. of Karnataka. The company also has The Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) Certification.

Our Blossoming Experience @ Suchandra 

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Founder - Director

Suchandra, a college with no courses...

Trusting your career path can be challenging, whether you're in your first job, stuck in one you haven't liked in months, or Starting something of your own. All the challenges in each field have their significance but the struggle remains the same. People who started from scratch and now hold their title and the work that goes with it, like a real badge of honor, smart work is most important in all aspects. We all start somewhere whether a salesperson or a struggling startup but the journey of all the realities, Incidence, and beings teach you to not only trust your career path but pursue each step with passion and drive. Overall my experience at suchandra acts as a Real-Life, Practical education center where there are no predefined courses, but every day comes with a new experiment...


I joined Suchandra Technologies Pvt.Ltd as an intern after the clearing screening process. And my journey starts from there, for the first few months I was served as a biotech intern, where I had got an opportunity to work on the world's first liquid-free E-sanitizer and it was an extraordinary learning experience for me offered by the company, and I am very happy to say that, now I am a permanent employee of Suchandra tech wherein I serve as a biologist of the company.

Aarti Lohar



Paribhasha Bandewar

Product Analyser  & Tester 


It's been 1.5 years working in Suchandra Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as a Product Analyzer and Tester. Expressing my gratitude to our company. The experience and my journey in the company is overwhelming. The task and the role what the company gives is always beyond the entitled always gives different opportunities to work and experience what I get excited to take more opportunities and feel well equipped. Blessed to work with a great team and company.

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